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Release History

DigArticle 9.1.0

Posted 5 years 127 days ago ago by digmike

  • NEW For the Email Subscription system, you can now send DNN Notifications instead
  • NEW Specify DNN roles to receive Email/Notification subscriptions
  • FIX Error when authors viewing My Articles
  • NEW Added Comment terms acceptance checkbox for GDPR
  • NEW Added option in admin to disabled the edit back link
  • NEW Added option in admin to default send email checkbox on article edit to unchecked
  • FIX Strip HTML tags from META description if it pulls it from the first page of the article
  • FIX UpdatePanel errors
  • FIX Missing Search dashboard
  • CHANGE Instead of posting DigArticle notifications to the DNN Inbox (optional), it now posts as a notification
  • FIX Issue with Recaptcha site key error
  • FIX On Recaptcha error, the comment form was not re-initializing
  • FIX Token replacement was not decoding html tokens
  • FIX Unable to cast UserInfo to UserRoleInfo
  • FIX Encoding issue with keyword search string
  • NEW DNN 9.2 compatablity
  • NEW Add option to let authors or moderators to save a published article as draft.
  • NEW Added IPortable functionality.
  • FIX Map field type Google reverse goecode was not working due to update in google API
  • NEW token [cat:totalcount] that you can use in your category header to display a total count.
  • NEW token [cat:isid] that you can use to determine if the id is a certain value. EX: [cat:isid:45]i am 45[/cat:isid:45].
  • NEW token [rooturl] to get the base url of the Article Listing
  • NEW add a max length to the SEO title and description meta tags
  • NEW token [totalcount] gives the total count of published articles
  • NEW added option in ArticleView module to select a View Article At page for related articles
  • FIX Blog - Oscar comments were not displaying correctly
  • FIX og: metadata was not being properly encoded
  • NEW Added comment paging (see Comments Per Page setting and changes to Default template comment.html and commentpager.html)
  • NEW Imporove comment loading performance
  • FIX UpdatePanel1 errors in DNN9
  • NEW Added sorting by end date
  • FIX For issues using FCK Editor
  • FIX Image upload didn't work when bundling/minfication enabled in DNN
  • FIX Ensure authors can view articles in draft mode (in article view)
  • CHANGE To use expired articles, you now have to enable them in the main ArticleCS module in the Settings
  • FIX Database issue with the MediaHandler which could result with slow image loading
  • FIX Setting up Facebook link when you may have some advanced URL rewriting setup.
  • FIX Expired articles would display when they shouldn't when viewing the article.
  • CHANGED Faster saving in admin
  • FIX Submit article returnurl issues
  • FIX Extra Loggig of ModuleID = XX AND CommentStatus=YY
  • FIX Taxonomy selector disappaers in the admin
  • FIX Taxonomy selector still appeared when it was set to disabled
  • FIX Content Item tags were not propertly being saved
  • FIX Email Subscriptions were not sending int DNN 8.0.1 and higher
  • NEW List selected related articles. Title is the title to display in the header
  • NEW Security: Passive (not enforced until user views article) and Active (user will never see the article)
  • NEW Release History token
  • NEW Added DNN User attaching and uploading photos to comments (see Comment.html in Default template for new media section)
  • NEW Added DNN User selecting UltraVideoGallery vidoes to comments
  • NEW Added ability to insert YouTube and Vimeo url's into comments and they will display as a video in the comment
  • FIX Search Aware dashboard when you have search enabled custom fields
  • NEW Added posting to LinkedIn
  • NEW Added busy spinners to the following actions: Rating, Voting, Posting Comments, Alerting Comments
  • NEW Added Article Data Caching for better performance
  • NEW Added User sort option to Related Users selection
  • NEW Added RelatedUser.html template (see Default template). will display related users in the Article.
  • FIX Saving draft as an author would cause an error
  • NEW Added Email Subscriber admin. You can list, subscribe, unsubscribe and delete subscription users
  • NEW Tag control with lookup for tag entry.
  • NEW Filter Dashboard.
  • NEW Updated Look of Comments templates on the built-in templates.
  • NEW Better support for All Day events in the iCal export.
  • NEW Email confirmation feature will send an email to subscribed email to confirm email is valid.
  • NEW Disable comments per article.
  • NEW User type custom field now has an option of what to display in the user selection.
  • NEW Override SEO per post. This include page title, description and keywords.
  • NEW Token Attempted to divide by zero.ispos:every:x will be valid every x position in the list
  • CHANGE For evenets, if end date is blank, it will not default to today, it will stay blank
  • FIX RSS scheduled import would have an error on DNN 7.
  • FIX User type custom field was not saving if you edit an article with the search type of use lookup
  • FIX Added email validation to the Subscribe Dashboard
  • FIX Displaying Single Article in article view was not working
  • FIX Relative urls in email subscriptions are converted to absolute.
  • NEW Added Sort Featured First option to Article, Article List and Dashboard.
  • NEW Added tag XX will be a term name. This will dispaly all selected children of the term name
  • NEW Article Edit tags now use a tag selector which includes lookup of current tags
  • FIX Summary was excluding HTML
  • FIX Sorting by Event End Date was not working
  • NEW Added sort option Event Date or Publish Date. It will sort by Event Date, if there is no event date, it will use the publish date.
  • NEW Notification of new releases in the admin
  • FIX Deleting comments on moderation caused the comment count to be incorrect.
  • FIX Changing Author by search would not display the "Change Author" button.
  • FIX Applying Term filter in querystring and search would cause exception.
  • FIX Sorting by Event Dates in the Dashboard did not work properly.
  • CHANGE Changed the Author selector to include displayname and sort by displayname.
  • CHANGE Improved some CSS to look better in DNN7.
  • NEW Added Related Users.
  • NEW Added User Custom Field Type
  • NEW Added [meta] section to the article.html template. The contents of this section will be inserted into the page meta variables.
  • NEW Added Default Comment sort order option in the admin
  • NEW Added Title sort filters. See Listing.html in the Default template for example.
  • NEW Added Delete option to moderation.
  • FIX Performance issues with DNN 7.3.x
  • FIX Don't include the currently article in the related article search
  • FIX Emails were going out to unsubscribed users
  • FIX Transparent PNG's lost their transparency
  • FIX Media did not always display in the same sort order.
  • NEW Added Event Sort options to sort articles off of event dates.
  • NEW When searching your phrase in double quotes, the search will return more exact results
  • CHANGE In the DNN Search if an Article is a link type, the search will now point to the article listing page instead of pointing to a view of the article.
  • CHANGE If you limit the number of items in a Tag Cloud dashboard, it would display the top tags in alphabetical order. Now it gets the most popular tags, then sorts them in alphabetical order
  • CHANGE Added the Article Tags to the DNN Search content
  • FIX URL's to media, RSS and sitemap in DNN 7.2.2 when using languages
  • FIX Not allowing Anonymous star rating was still allowing anonymous users to rate.
  • FIX Authors with & in their name would cause a RSS validation error.
  • FIX When including articles on Category, Archive or Taxonomy dashboards, the View Article At option was not displaying
  • FIX Creating search items for DNN search failed due to certain types of custom fields.
  • FIX Twitter posting wasn't working due to a change in the Twiter API
  • CHANGE Hyperlink custom fields now display as hyperlinks, not just text.
  • NEW Added Recycling Bin for deleted articles. Go to My Articles in the admin and you will see a selection for Deleted. If you are a moderator you will also see Delete (All Users)
  • NEW Added bulk deletion by Published Date. You can see this feature in the Host Tab of the article admin.
  • NEW Added and tags to explicitly force the media to display as audio or video
  • NEW Template Blog - Oscar
  • CHANGE ArticleLog template in the template folders is no longer used.
  • CHANGE Updated the Templates and Styles to CSS3.
  • NEW Added option to dashboards that can use expandable tree, allowing to default all expanded.
  • FIX Email field for subscription wasn't required.
  • FIX Fixed issues when using Turkish Language.
  • FIX Search was causing validation.
  • FIX OG:Description was containing HTML
  • FIX Dashboard admin was not displaying categories correctly.
  • FIX Lightbox in DNN 7.1
  • NEW Related Dashboard now works off of Taxonomy
  • FIX Subtitle for Taxonomy filter
  • FIX Hide 0 Count for Taxonomy dashboard
  • FIX Moderator approval emails for comments were not always sent
  • FIX jQuery.Rating caused errors with newer versions of jQuery
  • FIX Twitter API 1.1 support
  • FIX OpenGraph properties were not implemented the best way
  • FIX OpenGraph og:url was not accounting for articles being viewed on a different page.
  • FIX OpenGraph og:description included html if a HTML summary was specified on the article.
  • FIX RSS Feeds for Source Group sources were not working.
  • FIX Error when using the URL control in the Article Edit page when you try to make the article a Link type.
  • NEW Email Subscription. Users get email updates of new articles with ability to unsubscribe
  • NEW Combine articles from multiple DigArticle modules to display in 1 listing
  • NEW Event Date include .ics download
  • NEW Expired filter to show lists of articles which include expired articles or only expired articles.
  • NEW Able to Hide or Show Author, Publish Date, Expiration Date and Publish Information and Status
  • NEW Ability to allow Authors, Moderators, or only Admins to edit Categories
  • NEW [commentsurl] and [nocommentsurl] will give urls to get listing of articles with comments or without comments.  See the TagDemo listing.html for sample use.
  • NEW Ability to change the title of the Body section in the admin.
  • NEW New action buttons at the top of listings that includes the count of items needing moderated
  • NEW Category module will allow multiple categories or a single category to be selected for an article.
  • FIX Special characters in media name causing issues
  • FIX Copying a portal specific template would make the template two portal folders deep
  • NEW Implemented browser caching in the MediaHandler
  • NEW Added Top and Bottom to media section sorting
  • NEW ERROR: Can't find ending tag:field:code:isgreater:valuefield:code:isgreater:value