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digMeta allows you to use Window LiveWriter to create and edit content in your DotNetNuke Portals.  digMeta opens up the MetaWeblog API to your DotNetNuke modules.  Typically the MetaWeblog API is used to publish Blogs, but digMeta let you do more than blogs!

Why use an offline blog editor?

  • Manage Content on Multiple sites from One Point - Just by selecting a dropdown, you can switch from blogging on Site X, to editing a Text/HTML module on Site Y.  This speeds up your blogging and content management.
  • Image Management - drag and drop images right into Windows LiveWriter editor.  You can resize them, apply effects like shadows, sepia and add a watermark. Your original image on your machine is NOT modified.
  • Offline Editing - you don't have to be connected to the internet to write a blog post.  Edit it on your computer, and when you are ready just publish to your blog.
  • Spell Check - built-in spell checking
  • Plugins - There are many plugins available to integrate services like Flickr and maps. 

Modules Supported

  • DotNetNuke Blog 3.3.1, 3.4.0
  • DotNetNuke Text/HTML for DNN 4.5+
  • Ventrian News Articles 0.5.73+
  • digRotate 3.2+
  • digScatter 1.1+
  • More coming soon!


  • MetaWeblog API Framework for DotNetNuke
  • Supports Windows Live Writer
  • Role AND User level security
  • Use existing DNN logins and passwords
  • Plugin Framework so you can use the MetaWeblog with your own modules.
  • NEW 1.3 Header and Footer for NewsArticles and Blog plugin so you can add scripts such as AdSense, ShareThis, or LinkThis.
  • NEW 1.2 Easy setup, in Live Writer enter your webblog home page URL ( now listed in digMeta admin), and digMeta will configure the rest.  No need to upload wlwmanifest file, or choose your blog API type.

  • NEW 1.2  Web layout style view is now supported.  The style of your web page will be downloaded into Live Writer.  To support different Text/HTML styles, you can setup multiple digMeta connections.

  • NEW 1.2 After publishing, you are taken directly to your post (even for Text/HTML modules on different pages)
  • NEW 1.2 News Articles support for article image ( make the alt text "ai" in your image ).
  • NEW 1.2 News Articles support for Secured and Featured flags which now appear in the categories.
  • NEW 1.1 Summary options to allow several ways of generating the summary.  Including an option to allow HTML in the summary.
  • NEW 1.1 Object storage path will let you specify where you want the digMeta objects like photos stored.
  • NEW 1.1 Plugin installer lets you easily upload and install a 3rd party plugin.
  • NEW 1.1 Developers Kit which includes a demo of digMeta, a developers guide and the DNN Blog plugin source code.
  • NEW 1.1 DNN Blog automatically assign blog (category) if there is only one.

Our  FREE Developers Kit that allows YOU to create your own digMeta plugins will available soon!  

When new versions of the supported modules are released, please allow up to (2) weeks for dignuke to update digMeta to support the latest releases.