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digFlash free module to easily insert Flash content in DotNetNuke




digFlash is a FREE module that allows you to easily add a Flash .swf files, FLV movie and Audio files to your DotNetNuke page.  

Video / Audio Features


  • HTML 5 with Flash and Silverlight Fallback.  Supports all major browsers including IE6, Android, IOS.
  • Supoorts MP4, FLV, WebM
  • Uses MediaElement.js
  • Video
  • Audio


  • Play on start
  • Poster (thumbnail) to appear before movie plays

SWF Features

Flash Player

  • Force flash player version requirement (7,8,9,10,11)
  • Automatically upgrade to required Flash version.
  • Specify text to display when Flash player not installed. (Default link to download player)
  • Eliminates IE Active Content Update message
  • Uses SWFObject

Custom Variables

  • Pass multiple variables to the SWF.
  • Support DNN Tokens so you can pass things like current users email.


  • Transparent Background
  • Play on start
  • Loop
  • Width and Height
  • more...


  • Multiple digFlash modules on same page
  • Supprts DNN 4.5.5+ and 5.x
  • Supports IPortable
  • It's FREE!