Token Description
[Portal: Currency] Currency String
[Portal: Description] Portal Description
[Portal: Email] Portal Admin Email
[Portal: FooterText] Portal Copyright Text
[Portal: HomeDirectory] Portal (relative) Path of Home Directory
[Portal: LogoFile] Portal Path to Logo file
[Portal: PortalName] Portal Name
[Portal: PortalAlias] Portal URL
[Portal: TimeZoneOffset] Difference in minutes between Portal default time and UTC
[User: DisplayName] User’s Display Name
[User: Email] User’s Email Address
[User: FirstName] User’s First Name
[User: FullName] [deprecated]
[User: LastName] User’s Last Name
[User: Username] User’s Login User Name
[Membership: Approved] Is User Approved?
[Membership: CreatedDate] User Signup Date
[Membership: IsOnline] Is User Currently Online?
[Profile: property] Use any default or custom Property defined for user profiles as listed in Profile Property Definition section of Manage User Accounts. Please use non-localized Property titles only.
[Tab: Description] Page Description Text for Search Engine
[Tab: EndDate] Page Display Until Date
[Tab: FullUrl] Page Full URL
[Tab: IconFile] Page Relative Path to Icon file
[Tab: KeyWords] Page Keywords for Search Engine
[Tab: PageHeadText] Page Header Text
[Tab: StartDate] Page Display from Date
[Tab: TabName] Page Name
[Tab: TabPath] Page Relative Path
[Tab: Title] Page Title (Window Title)
[Tab: URL] Page URL
[Module: Description] Module Definition Description
[Module: EndDate] Module Display Until Date
[Module: Footer] Module Footer Text
[Module: FriendlyName] Module Definition Name
[Module: Header] Module Header Text
[Module: HelpUrl] Module Help URL
[Module: IconFile] Module Path to Icon File
[Module: ModuleTitle] Module Title
[Module: PaneName] Module Name of Pane where UDT resides
[Module: StartDate] Module Display from Date
[DateTime: Now] Current Date and Time
[Ticks: Now] CPU Tick Count for Current Second
[Ticks: Today] CPU Tick Count since Midnight
[Ticks: TicksPerDay] CPU Ticks per Day (for calculations)
For date/time and numeric values, you can also append a "format" string defined by the .Net framework, for example: [DateTime:Now|"format"] current date/time formatted according to "format", e. g. [DateTime:Now|f] displays current date in short format (does not apply to expressions of calculated columns)