Release History

***IMPORTANT***  There is a separate download for DNN 6.2 and higher installs that contain features found in DNN 6.2.

  • NEW Added Related Users.
  • NEW Added User Custom Field Type
  • NEW Added [meta] section to the article.html template. The contents of this section will be inserted into the page meta variables.
  • NEW Added Default Comment sort order option in the admin
  • NEW Added Title sort filters. See Listing.html in the Default template for example.
  • NEW Added Delete option to moderation.
  • FIX Performance issues with DNN 7.3.x
  • FIX Don't include the currently article in the related article search
  • FIX Emails were going out to unsubscribed users
  • FIX Transparent PNG's lost their transparency
  • FIX Media did not always display in the same sort order.
  • NEW Added Event Sort options to sort articles off of event dates.
  • NEW When searching your phrase in double quotes, the search will return more exact results
  • CHANGE In the DNN Search if an Article is a link type, the search will now point to the article listing page instead of pointing to a view of the article.
  • CHANGE If you limit the number of items in a Tag Cloud dashboard, it would display the top tags in alphabetical order. Now it gets the most popular tags, then sorts them in alphabetical order
  • CHANGE Added the Article Tags to the DNN Search content
  • FIX URL's to media, RSS and sitemap in DNN 7.2.2 when using languages
  • FIX Not allowing Anonymous star rating was still allowing anonymous users to rate.
  • FIX Authors with & in their name would cause a RSS validation error.
  • FIX When including articles on Category, Archive or Taxonomy dashboards, the View Article At option was not displaying
  • FIX Creating search items for DNN search failed due to certain types of custom fields.
  • FIX Twitter posting wasn't working due to a change in the Twiter API
  • CHANGE Hyperlink custom fields now display as hyperlinks, not just text.
  • NEW Added Recycling Bin for deleted articles. Go to My Articles in the admin and you will see a selection for Deleted. If you are a moderator you will also see Delete (All Users)
  • NEW Added bulk deletion by Published Date. You can see this feature in the Host Tab of the article admin.
  • NEW Added [media:ID:video] and [media:ID:audio] tags to explicitly force the media to display as audio or video
  • NEW Template Blog - Oscar
  • CHANGE ArticleLog template in the template folders is no longer used.
  • CHANGE Updated the Templates and Styles to CSS3.
  • NEW Added option to dashboards that can use expandable tree, allowing to default all expanded.
  • FIX Email field for subscription wasn't required.
  • FIX Fixed issues when using Turkish Language.
  • FIX Search was causing validation.
  • FIX OG:Description was containing HTML
  • FIX Dashboard admin was not displaying categories correctly.
  • FIX Lightbox in DNN 7.1
  • NEW Related Dashboard now works off of Taxonomy
  • FIX Subtitle for Taxonomy filter
  • FIX Hide 0 Count for Taxonomy dashboard
  • FIX Moderator approval emails for comments were not always sent
  • FIX jQuery.Rating caused errors with newer versions of jQuery
  • FIX Twitter API 1.1 support
  • FIX OpenGraph properties were not implemented the best way
  • FIX OpenGraph og:url was not accounting for articles being viewed on a different page.
  • FIX OpenGraph og:description included html if a HTML summary was specified on the article.
  • FIX RSS Feeds for Source Group sources were not working.
  • FIX Error when using the URL control in the Article Edit page when you try to make the article a Link type.
  • NEW Email Subscription. Users get email updates of new articles with ability to unsubscribe
  • NEW Combine articles from multiple DigArticle modules to display in 1 listing
  • NEW Event Date include .ics download
  • NEW Expired filter to show lists of articles which include expired articles or only expired articles.
  • NEW Able to Hide or Show Author, Publish Date, Expiration Date and Publish Information and Status
  • NEW Ability to allow Authors, Moderators, or only Admins to edit Categories
  • NEW [commentsurl] and [nocommentsurl] will give urls to get listing of articles with comments or without comments.  See the TagDemo listing.html for sample use.
  • NEW Ability to change the title of the Body section in the admin.
  • NEW New action buttons at the top of listings that includes the count of items needing moderated
  • NEW Category module will allow multiple categories or a single category to be selected for an article.
  • FIX Special characters in media name causing issues
  • FIX Copying a portal specific template would make the template two portal folders deep
  • NEW Implemented browser caching in the MediaHandler
  • NEW Added Top and Bottom to media section sorting
  • NEW [field:code:isgreater:value] will compare field to the "value". Value can also be 'today' to compare to today.
  • NEW [field:code:isless:value] will compare field to the "value". Value can also be 'today' to compare to today.
  • FIX DNN6+ when generating Twitter/Facebook links, it was not using the default portal alias
  • FIX When having more than one of the same tag on an article, it will cause errors when viewing the article list by tag
  • FIX Using the new security options for different sections like Categories, Tags or Taxonomy, if it was set to Moderator Only, it was not displaying those sections in the article listing or details. It should only limit visibility in the Article Edit
  • NEW [field:code:hasvalue:today] will compare Date and Date/Time fields to today's date
  • FIX Max Item Count was missing from various dashboards
  • FIX Error on certain sorts when using lowercase url rewriting
  • FIX og:image Error on certain sorts when using lowercase url rewriting
  • FIX Clear the connection pool in the media handler to prevent too many db connections
  • NEW Option to exclude Author from the RSS Feed
  • FIX Exception when using Twitter link
  • FIX Errors when using certain URL's with no QueryString variables
  • FIX When using [a:hasrelated] in a dashboard with no article, it would cause an error.
  • NEW Added moderator options to the Article Edit page
  • NEW Added ability for [isfirst] [islast] [ispos:x] in the gallery
  • NEW Article Count setting in the dashboard has been added.
  • NEW Added [user:...] token which can be used for the current logged in user.  For example this can be used to put information in the DigArticle emails about the moderator.
  • FIX Max Count setting was not visible for certain Dashboard types
  • FIX Item 2 template was not visible for certain Dashboard types
  • FIX View Article List At settings did not display all possible tabs
  • FIX The search button was not the default button on the form
  • NEW You now have finer control of which sections of DigArticle display when editing an article.  You can allow either Nobody, Authors and Moderators, or Moderators only to see the following parts of the the article editing:  Summary, Body, Categories, Featured, Tags, Taxonomy Categories, Related Articles, Selected Related Articles, Media, External Media, Publish Dates
  • NEW Moderation operations can now be done in batch instead of one at a time
  • NEW Trusted Commenter and Author lets you specify DNN Roles for trusted commenter and authors which will skip moderation.
  • NEW Field Type Content where you can enter HTML information to be displayed
  • NEW Portal Level Templates allow each portal to have their own templates and styles. They can not edit the default ones and they can not see templates and styles from other portals
  • NEW Easily override the "title" label of the article
  • NEW Implemented Open Graph meta data in the article view
  • NEW Added option for DNN 6.2+ Profile Image for the Author and Commenter avatars.
  • NEW Simplified the View Article At and View Article List At dropdowns by sorting and removing duplicates
  • NEW Updated Video and Audio player to use Mediaelement.js HTML5 video player
  • NEW Tag [locale] will output the current locale string
  • FIX When article type was set a Link Only, the body container would still display
  • FIX Sorting custom fields in the admin did not display new sort immediately.
  • FIX Category Dashboard would not properly filter categories after first page load due to a caching issue.
  • FIX Missing borders around edit controls in DNN7
  • FIX Some URL cleaning issues with Korean titles.
  • FIX 3rd party posts (Facebook, Twitter, Journal, Active Social) will now not post if the article publish date is later.
  • FIX Taxonomy filter wasn't working for Tags, Archive, Authors Dashboard
  • FIX Cleaned up some filter options that were incorrectly showing in some of the Dashboards
  • CHANGE Modules in the Article Source selections are now sorted
  • CHANGE Moved the Article Log text to the Admin.ascx resource file
  • CHANGE Lengthened the field size for some of the textbox custom fields
  • CHANGE Decreased the occurrences which SlimBox JavaScript is included. It will now only be included when using the [gallery] tag. There is a new tag [lightbox] which will include it.
  • CHANGE Decreased the occurrences which rating script is included.
  • NEW New option added to the Dashboard User Filter - Currently Logged In User. 
  • NEW User Filter option added to the main Article module and the Article Listing module.  This can be used to create a setup where the only articles a user can see is their own.
  • FIX SEO Friendly url was not correct for certain languages such as Slovak.
  • NEW Article URL Link is now using the DNN Url control so you can easily link to files and pages.
  • UPDATE Added subtitle for Article Listings when filtering by a Taxonomy Term
  • FIX The Links pagers for Article pages was hiding the NEXT button on the next to last page instead of the last page.
  • FIX Compatibility issue with DigMeta
  • FIX Dashboard Category Subcategories Only filter was not working
  • FIX Changing options in the dashboard would reset the View Article List At setting.
  • FIX Category and Tag URL's would include the Page in the querystring for the 1st page
  • FIX Going directly to certain admin pages would not work if urls were forced to lower case
  • NEW Tags for displaying article page information [a:currentpage] [a:pagecount]
  • FIX Article List taxonomy filter would not appear in certain cases
  • FIX Filtering an Article List by term would result in a SQL error
  • NEW Taxonomy Dashboard to display Taxonomy List, Tree and include articles
  • NEW Taxonomy Filtering added to the Article List
  • FIX Error when going into the dashboard after deleting a Taxonomy Term that was previously selected
  • FIX Editing an article that contains a related article that links to a deleted article, it would cause an error.
  • FIX Some errors when building the DNN Search indexes
  • CHANGE Expanded size of the Taxonomy controls
  • NEW [a:summary] will now process tags
  • NEW [isfiltercat] [/isfiltercat] can be used to display special messages if filtering by category.
  • NEW Made the SQL Compatible with Microsoft Azure
  • CHANGE RSS Import items are not updated anymore.  This was overwriting changes users made
  • CHANGE Better handling of Unicode dashes in the url MDASH, EN DASH
  • FIX Adding some Unicode tags would cause duplicate tags to be generated
  • NEW Category Grid dashboard.  Display articles grouped by categories.
  • NEW Ability to post to Facebook Pages
  • NEW Related Articles (non selected), you can now exclude certain categories from the match.
  • NEW Related Articles (non selected) you can now specify the sort or as Most Related.  So articles that have the most matches will appear first.
  • NEW Archives can now display articles.
  • NEW Dashboards now have a default template automatically selected.  You can then customize the template as needed.  This will take care of probably the biggest support request.  Users will add a dashboard and nothing will display, its be cause they never hit Apply  Default Template.
  • NEW Added Publish Edit entry to the Article log to better track when an article that was already published was edited.    NOTE: Update your ArticleLog.html template file to include the new entry, see the ArticleLog.html in the default template for an example.
  • CHANGE Article Tree dashboard has been removed.  In Categories you can now select to "Include Articles".  You can then choose how you want them to be displayed.   You can display as a List, Tree (unordered lists), or Expandable tree.
  • FIX Creating link to Facebook would error in certain locales
  • FIX In some cases Article List would return a Dictionary Error
  • FIX Hide 0 Count on the Article Tree dashboard was not working
  • FIX The view vDigArticleArticleTerm was not created with the proper DNN Prefix
  • FIX The category dashboard would filter itself
  • FIX RSS Imports would error out if there was no link in the RSS feed.
  • FIX Prevented multiple postings to Social applications due to multiple edits and approvals to an article.
  • FIX When generating search items for DNN, there would sometimes be an exception because of a NULL text field
  • NEW Support for DNN Journal
  • NEW Support for DNN Client Resource Management
  • NEW Support for DNN Taxonomy
  • NEW Redone Admin Screens with easier help
  • NEW Custom fields moved below article title on article edit screen for a more seamless integration of custom fields.
  • FIX Article Link pager did not work in an Article View module
  • NEW Post to Facebook
  • NEW Added a move section in the category edit to allow easy moving of categories.
  • NEW Added option to attach DNN files to the article so it maintains the DNN File Security
  • FIX Category Edit was not working properly
  • UPDATE Allow HTML in the Custom Field Info field
  • FIX Error which occurred when entering admin as a non-host user.
  • FIX Issue with template caching which would make the displays not show
  • NEW Cross Portal sharing of article data
  • NEW Added [banner] tag to display a DNN banner.  [banner:group:source]  Source – S for Site, or H for Host Examples: [banner:contest1:s] [banner:googlesense:h]
  • NEW Added option to Article View module to disable SEO
  • FIX Sorting in Article List module
  • FIX QSToStringClean Error
  • NEW Added :left and :right to the [media] tags.  So you can now do [media:23:left] or [media:23:600:400:right].  To get this to work in your custom templates, look at the Gallery.html template file in the Default template.
  • NEW Added [cat:shorturl] tag which used "Cat" in the url instead of "Category" to avoid conflicts with the event module.
  • NEW Added [a:hastag:{ids or names] and [a:hascat:{names}] tokens.  Example [a:hascat:3,4,sports]  [a:hastag:dnn,snowcovered]
  • CHANGE Added wmode=opaque to flowplayer
  • FIX Expired articles where appearing in the Article Slider
  • FIX View Article At setting was missing from Related Articles dashboard
  • FIX missing Apply Default Template button on dashboards
  • FIX Coordinate parsing for Map custom fields in non US English locales
  • FIX Social bookmark scripts were not refreshing when voting for an article.
  • FIX Attach external media was not clearing the files list when selecting a new folder.
  • FIX New Add related articles was not working unless you had attach external media enabled.
  • NEW Added width/height to new Dashboard Tabs.  Leave blank for variable width and height.
  • FIX Date filter in dashboard for non English
  • FIX Gravatar Url was not displaying images properly
  • NEW Users selected related Articles.  The user can now hand pick related articles and display them in a dashboard. 
  • NEW DNN Inbox support.  You can have all alerts/emails sent to email, DNN Inbox, or both. (DNN 6 Only)
  • NEW Dashboard Tabs.  You can select other dashboard modules to display in tabs.
  • NEW Dashboard Search can now point to an article source or list
  • NEW Added slider speed settings to Article Slider dashboard
  • FIX Url's were not keeping "localization" part of the querystring
  • FIX Combo box custom field was not parsing it's items correctly
  • FIX DNN Profile image was showing profile fields from other portals
  • FIX Remove debug code from the RSS feed
  • FIX Some feed readers were using the feed item Guid as the url
  • NEW tag [com:email] which will display the email of the commenter.  Careful, don't expose it to bots, use something like [canmoderate] email:[com:email] [/canmoderate]
  • NEW tag [a:summaryonly] will only use the summary field only instead of [a:summary] which is a smart tage that uses a combination of summary and body.  Examples: [a:summaryonly], [a:summaryonly:150], [a:summaryonly:150:hasmore][/a:summaryonly:150:hasmore]
  • FIX Searching for ' with full text indexing would cause an error
  • FIX RSS error for articles that have deleted authors
  • FIX Custom field validation
  • FIX Searching for more than 1 word using the SQL fulltext index would cause an error.
  • Images in the edit screen would not appear.
  • NEW Added sorting ability to main Article module and Article List modules
  • NEW Added sorting by Article Title
  • FIX Removed Search logging
  • FIX [a:fields] was missing from blog template
  • FIX After doing certain postback commands like voting, commenting, scripts like the lightbox and social bookmark scripts would not re-initialize properly.
  • FIX Index error when using [a:text] tag in a dashboard.
  • FIX The default dashboard templates for RSS and the slider had a couple extra ']' which could result in the display not working
  • FIX Made the media handler urls XHTML compliant
  • FIX Default template had an extra summary tag in the listing
  • FIX Token replacement was not working if you had more than 1 token defined.
  • FIX Using ' in tags would cause errors.
  • NEW Added ability to show No Items if there are no articles.  There is a [noitems] section in the Listing.html template.
  • NEW Added option to not require comment email for anonymous comments
  • FIX Backup and Save buttons in template editor were being overlapped by the text box in IE
  • FIX HasValue token for custom fields was always returning true
  • NEW In the comment dashboard, you can now use [a] tokens to display information about the article.
  • CHANGE The way twitter messages were generated has changed.  [a:shorturl] is no longer valid.  There is a new option to either don't append a url to your tweet, or append it at the beginning or end.  The default is to append it to the end.  So if you install this update and don't change any settings, your message will have the url appended to the end.
  • FIX Users were not allowed to edit their drafts if Allow Published Edit was not enabled
  • FIX Since adding ability for moderators to view other users articles in the My Articles tabs, the templates were not updated to reflect the fact that moderators should have "My Articles".  Templates have been modified to reflect this and a new token has been added to help with this, [cansubmitormoderate].  If you want to update your custom templates, look in Listing.html.
  • FIX If you had more than 1 role for moderator, it wasn't properly checking to see if moderators can edit articles.
  • NEW Added comment alert system. Registered users can alert moderators of inappropriate comments.
  • NEW Added Comment and Article approve / deny note.  If you already have email templates created,  you can add [modnote] token to the templates.
  • NEW My Articles and Approve article lists now contain a history of denies and approvals.
  • NEW Sitemap url is available in the admin.  This can easily be added to Google webmaster tools.  We will be adding for other specific sitemap modules in the near future.
  • FIX Put "days ago" and other time strings in SharedResources resource file.
  • FIX Admin would take a long time to load in certain situations.
  • FIX Fixed a compatibility issues with DNN 6
  • CHANGE When publishing an article with today's date, and a blank time.  It will use the current time for the time.
  • CHANGE Import edit user selection now is done via search for sites with large number of users.
  • NEW Added new Feature Valid Media Extensions, this allows you to specify the file extensions that are valid for upload.
  • FIX Slimbox2.js error when viewing RSS feeds.
  • NEW Added IP tracing option to article vote so anonymous voting is tracked and restricted by ip address.
  • NEW Added Most Viewed url token.  Example: Most Viewed
  • NEW: Added My Articles filters Published Expired and Published Future both for all users.
  • FIX Sorting urls were case sensitive which caused problems with url rewriters
  • FIX RSS dates were not adjusting for timezone
  • NEW Added option to make Active Social compliant profile url's
  • NEW You can now access any user profile property using user:{propertyname}.  For example [a:user:Biography]
  • FIX Scheduled RSS Imports were causing an error.
  • FIX Category count was not updating immediately after an article was deleted.
  • FIX Image display issues because of some mis-matching case url's
  • NEW Content rotator using carouFredSel from
  • NEW Added option to select no category image
  • NEW Added tags [a:firstothermediaurl:{width}:{height}] and [a:firstothermediatitle], this will return the first non-image media url and title.
  • NEW My Articles will allow displaying of drafts from all users and waiting for approval from all users.  These options will only be available if logged in user is an Admin or Moderator.
  • FIXED Urls with Unicode characters.
  • FIXED Settings cache was not being cleared in certain cases
  • NEW Article Tree dashboard
  • NEW Article dashboard sort by most votes (both positive and negative)
  • NEW Use article tags in the page keywords
  • FIXED RSS Descriptions always said "DigArticle", changed so it matches the type of RSS Feed.
  • FIXED Some object errors in the RSS feed
  • FIXED HTML characters in the RSS title
  • FIXED Template Editor would have problems saving with certain paths,
  • FIXED [field] tags appearing after [a:fields] would not display
  • FIXED [avatar] tag using DNN Profile image output an extra url.
  • NEW Added FullText Index support.  This makes article searching fast and less intensive on the SQL Server.
  • NEW Added Active Social security option
  • NEW Added [a:enddate] tag.
  • NEW Added date format to custom date/time fields just like other date/time fields in digArticle.  [field:birthdate:MMM] for example would display the month abbreviation.
  • FIXED Some of the custom field properties were not loading correctly.
  • FIXED Deleting a field did not delete the associated field data from the articles.
  • FIXED Issue with saving empty custom field dates
  • CHANGED Template editor will automatically select your current template in the list.
  • FIXED Displaying of [field] tags.
  • FIXED Some missing help resources on the article edit screen
  • FIXED Missing color picker dll in the installer
  • FIXED Field token was not displaying in the custom field list in the admin
  • NEW Added [a:hasmedia] tag to determine if the article has any type of media
  • NEW Custom fields.  Date/Time, Text, Map, Currency... many more
  • NEW Template Editor
  • NEW [siteurl] token for the url of the site
  • NEW Added scaling types to many of the image url tokens
  • NEW Added option to disable media
  • NEW Added support for Active Social Vanity URL's in the dashboard user filter
  • NEW Added optional max length to [a:title].  So you can use [a:title:30] and it will not let your title go over 30 characters, and append ... at the end.  You can also do [a:title:30:>>>] to specify your own "more" characters.
  • NEW Added option in Settings > Comments to send a new comment email to authors of articles when a comment is added to their article.  If moderation is enabled, they will not get an email until the comment is approved.
  • NEW Added author sorting options in the dashboard
  • FIX Added date and time validators to the publish and end times in the article editor
  • FIX RSS/ATOM Import would throw exceptions with certain data
  • FIX removed some debug logging
  • NEW New search dashboard which creates a search box which will search content.
  • FIX trial license in some cultures did not work
  • FIX Users data was being cached incorrectly, causing the user info to not refresh
  • FIX images not appearing for registered users
  • FIX Images not appearing for articles that have an expiration date
  • FIX Some URL caching issues
  • FIX Twitter integration to support oAuth, may require special permissions for your site if running Medium Trust, you will be ok if you run Full Trust
  • FIX Page title and description SEO were not working
  • NEW Added tag [a:hastext][/a:hastext] to determine if the artilce has a body.
  • NEW Added support for more than 2000 characters in the dashboard template elements.
  • FIX [a:hasmore] was not working
  • NEW Added tag [a:hasfile][/a:hasfile] to see if the article has any non-image media
  • NEW Added tag [a:firstimagetitle] to get the title of the first image.
  • NEW Option to allow HTML summaries.
  • FIXED in some cases media url's were not correct if you change the media name.
  • FIXED certain cases where the print would redirect to the home page
  • FIXED Print page was displaying article even if it wasn't published
  • FIXED Friendly Urls were not always pointing to the correct tab
  • FIXED GetTabID exception appearing in eventlog
  • FIXED Token replacement was having issues with tokens that exist inside html
  • NEW Secure media files, this will secure your media file so only users who can view the article can view the attached media.
  • NEW Added Random sort order to the article dashboards.
  • NEW Widened the article edit page
  • FIXED Editing  and Viewing an article when the author has been deleted.
  • FIXED [medai:id:thumb] was not working properly
  • FIXED Token replacement was replacing tokens in HTML code like url's
  • FIXED Token replacement was getting mixed up with multiples of the same token in the same article
  • FIXED RSS Feed was using create date instead of publish date
  • FIXED Deleting an RSS Import was missing
  • FIXED Comment email was appearing when user was logged in
  • NEW If you want to use digArticle tags in your content, to not process the tag, put a ~ in the tag.  Example: [~a]
  • NEW Added [cat:description] token to display the category description.
  • NEW Ventrian News Articles Import will import Articles, Categories, Tags, Files and Images.
  • NEW Active Social Integration
  • NEW [pos] and [ispos:{begin}:{end}] tags.  [pos] will show item position in list starting at 1.  [ispos] allows you to change the formatting based on position in the list.
  • NEW Change author will allow you to change the author if you are a moderator.  You can specify to show as a drop list of authors or as a search if your site has a large number of authors.
  • NEW Option to use DNN 5.x Profile Image as the article and/or comment use avatar.
  • NEW [cat:id] token to display the category id.
  • CHANGED Better support for CR (Carriage Returns) and LF (Line Feeds) in comments
  • CHANGED Only include Rating javascript and css if Ratings are enabled
  • FIXED When the listing.html template used [a:text] and the listing pager was on pages 2, it would display the 2nd page of article text in the listing.
  • FIXED Unpublished articles were showing up in the dashboards
  • NEW RSS Enclosures now include length.  You can also pass in the url NoEnclosure=1 and encloses will not be included in the RSS feed.
  • CHANGED ISearchable interface to use publish date instead of create date
  • CHANGED Moderators, Admins, and article author can now view articles that are not yet published.
  • FIXED ISearchable was returning items for deleted digArticle modules
  • FIXED Object error rendering publish date template when there is no publish date.
  • FIXED View Article At drop downs were no displaying Article List modules in some cases.
  • NEW Expandable Category dashboard, uses jsTree to give an expandable tree of categories
  • NEW Year only Archive dashboard.  Also added a new tag for a year only url [yearurl:2010].
  • NEW Added option View Article List At to the Article View module so if you if you have links in your article view module such as "Most Recent", you can specify with  article list it will redirect to.
  • FIXED Dashboard sort was missing for the article dashboard
  • FIXED Infinite loop could occur with some [media] embeds.
  • FIXED Pager was not using the Archive year/month in the url
  • NEW Added option to allow user to add media from existing portal folders.
  • UPDATED Feed import now supports saving the url link to the article, and setting the option in digArticle to make the title of the article link to an external source.
  • FIXED Reworked the search
  • FIXED URL's in Article Lists would point back to the article source, instead of back to the list itself
  • NEW Added Sliding date range or the article dashboard so you can specify to show articles older AND newer than a certain timeframe.  Before you can only specify one or the other.
  • NEW When adding an article, you can specify querystring Title, and URL which will be pre-loaded into the article.  If the url matches an existing url, you will be taken directly to that article.
  • NEW Added [isfirst] to the Article List so you can alter the look of the first element in the list.
  • NEW Added new sorts for the article dashboard, Least Viewed, Least Commented, Oldest, Worst Rating, Worst Votes.
  • NEW Added sorting for Related articles dashboard
  • UPDATED Templates so the article.html template references either the article url or article link, it was just pointing to the url.
  • FIXED Editing an article could move it to a different digArticle module under certain conditions.
  • NEW Added [isfirst] to dashboard, you can alter the look of the first element in the dashboard.  Example: [isfirst]
  • NEW Added date range to article dashboard.
  • FIXED Category validator in Add Article was incorrectly displaying after adding the first category
  • FIXED When viewing an article in an ArticleList module, it would cause an exception
  • FIXED SQL error when installing, forced to increase version of this release to 3.4.0
  • FIXED Double ]] in listing.html templates.
  • FIXED When browsing to an article url that is not published, or has dates that prevent it from being displayed.  Show the message found in the NoArticle.Text resource in ViewArticle.ascx.resx
  • FIXED When clicking "Enable Anonymous Comments", it wasn't properly enabling/disabling other features in the admin.
  • FIXED Main RSS Feed url label in admin
  • FIXED When saving options in Categories, Saved message now comes up
  • FIXED Require category option was not properly keeping user on edit article page when no category was provided.
  • FIXED Entry with same key already exists on dashboard
  • NEW Added feature to let articles have content or link to a URL.  This will allow you to emulate a DIGG style social bookmaking site.  You can now set digArticle to have article Always be content, Always be links, or let the user choose.
    New Tags  
    [a:islink][/a:islink]  Article is a link
    [a:isarticle][/a:isarticle]  Article has content
    [a:urlorlink] use this instead of [a:url] to display either the URL if it's an article link, or the URL to the digArticle article page.
  • NEW Added feature to allow default categories to be selected when creating a new article via URL.  Set DefaultCat to any combination of CategoryID or category name.  Example:
  • NEW Added option under Category to require at least 1 category be set on an article.
  • NEW Added option in Category Dashboard to not display 0 count items
  • NEW Display main RSS url in admin so you can easily use it in Feedburner
  • NEW New Dashboard RSS Discovery will add RSS Discovery info to the current page.  Make sure you have the module display on All Pages if you want it throughout your site.
  • FIXED Rss feed would sometimes not work
  • FIXED Thumbnail resizing to it fills the thumb size, this gives a nice consistent look to the thumbs.
  • UPDATED Clear Cache now clears out the image cache folder
  • FIXED Clear Cache was not clearing the template cache, so when you made changes to templates, then cleared the cache, your changes would not show.
  • NEW Added Trial License capabilities.
  • NEW Post to Twitter
  • NEW Related Articles Dashboard
  • NEW Added [a:isold:{hours}] and [a:isyoung:{hours}] tags.  This allows you to add "NEW" images to articles.
  • NEW Added [a:isfirstpage] and [a:islastpage] tags so users can display specific content on first or last pages.
  • NEW Added Disable Comment Email and Disable Comment Website which will remove those fields from comments.  Also added [com:hasavatar] to help not displaying avatars if Gravatars are selected and there is no email.
  • NEW Added articles per page option to Article List module.  If it's 0, it will take the articles per page from the article source
  • NEW Featured articles, including filtering on Dashboards
  • NEW Dashboard date filters lets you create article flows to different sections of your site.
  • NEW Print an article [a:printurl]
  • NEW You can select a specific article to view in the Article View module
  • NEW Token replacement including variables.
  • NEW Allow anonymous voting for both articles and comments
  • CHANGED Cleaned up the [media:id] embedding options.  Added Inline Types to the admin.  If you use [media:34] for example, if it's type matches the Inline Types, then it will embed the media, else it will show a download link.
  • CHANGED Image resize so it won't stretch the image if it's smaller than the desired size.
  • CHANGED Thumbnail resizing to it fills the thumb size, this gives a nice consistent look to the thumbs.
  • FIXED Flowplayer and lightbox were not appearing on ArticleView page
  • FIXED Article Status being reset on re-import of an RSS article.
  • NEW Incorporated FlowPlayer for playing flv files.
  • NEW Incorporated">jQuery media plugin.  It's now easier to embed audio, video, and other files like pdf's.  New tags when editing an article:
    [media:id:embed:w:h] - Lets you embed a media item.
    [media:id:thumb:w:h] - Display image thumb w/Lightbox
    [media:id:file] - Display download link to file.
  • NEW Category Image.  You can use tag [cat:hasimage] [cat:imageurl:w:h]
  • NEW Category Description.  You can use tag [cat:description]
  • NEW [mimg] tag to use an image from the template directory.  Example: [mimg:more.gif]
  • FIXED SEO was not working in Article View
  • FIXED RSS url links
  • FIXED Link to Articles Lists from dashboards were not showing all modules to link to.
  • Made templates more XHTML compliant
  • FIXED: Encoding of comment url and text.
  • FIXED: Author avatar in approve articles
  • FIXED: Category dashboard did not work with a custom DNN table prefix was defined.
  • FIXED: Category view in Article List did not work with a custom DNN table prefix defined.
  • NEW: Added MyArticles link to top of digArticle module for authors who are not admins.
  • NEW: New tag [hasaction] is used to display a small admin menu at top of article listing.
  • UPDATED: Don't display article list pager if there is only 1 page
  • UPDATED: Page 1 on the pager was putting page number in the url.
  • UPDATED: Added
    around pager.  Added around pager numbers.
  • FIXED: Images were not displaying in medium trust because of performance enhancements.
  • FIXED: Comments for registered users were not saving due to changes in 2.1.5
  • FIXED: Star ratings were not appearing in certain scenarios
  • FIXED: Article View settings were not showing immediately due to caching.
  • FIXED: in 2.1.5 we got MaxRequestLength from web.config, this broke in Medium Trust.  There is a new setting in admin for max media size.
  • FIXED: Saving category redirected to home page instead of admin.
  • NEW: Added ClearCache to main article module to clear template/style/data cache.
  • UPDATED: Media upload uses MaxRequestLength from web.config to set maxium upload size
  • FIXED: View Article module was not using the correct template.
  • FIXED: digArticle.css was incorrectly being included
  • FIXED: Captcha was not validating. NOTE: To fix comment replies, we modified the comment.html in the templates, if you made your own templates, update the comment.html
  • FIXED: Thumbs in article edit were not displaying because of XHTML change in 2.1.4
  • UPDATED: Optimized jQuery insertion.  If you are running 5, it won't insert it.  If you are not running 5, it will insert it using google's api scripts
  • UPDATED: Modified CSS to be XHTML compliant. 
  • FIXED: Caching on dashboard items was preventing dashboard from displaying until caching was cleared.
  • FIXED: Uninstaller was remove vDigArticleArchive which was already removed in a previous update
  • FIXED: A caching issue that may cause some of the links to point incorrectly.
  • FIXED: The word 'mike' was appearing in the rss title.  (oops, bad debug)
  • FIXED: Article edit icon not working from ArticleList or ArtivleView modules.
  • FIXED: Thumbnail and Lightbox images also can use 0 for width/height to display full image
  • FIXED: Media will show in gallery by default when uploaded.
  • NEW: Checkbox on article media to determine if it should be displayed in the gallery.  If you don't display it, you can use the media tags in the article text.  Example: [media:456]
  • NEW: If width/height in [media] tags is 0 or image width/heights are 0 in the admin, it will display the image at full width/height the image.
  • FIXED: Author, Category, Tag links were not working from the Article List module
  • FIXED: SEO tag description [SUMMARY] should be [DESC]
  • FIXED: Category count was not always correct due to caching
  • FIXED: Images and files were not being displayed in the galleries
  • FIXED: [media:id:w::h] tag in the article was not properly passing width and height
  • UPDATED: After entering a comment, the comment text is cleared out.
  • FIXED: Comment entry resources were not displaying
  • FIXED: Denying articles and comments was actually approving the articles
  • FIXED: Problem with the admin approval template
  • FIXED: Exception when a moderator without admin access tries to moderate articles or comments
  • FIXED: Email on anonymous comments was not being saved
  • FIXED: Added a few missing comment resources
  • FIXED: Article pager links page 1 was a bad link
  • FIXED: Added some internal strings to SharedResources resource
  • NEW: Added RSS import.  Setup multiple RSS imports into various categories.  This can be scheduled to occur automatically.
  • NEW: Avatar options, you can disable, use or a custom url.
  • NEW: You can specify a url for author profiles if you use modules like ActiveSocial or SmartSocial.
  • NEW: Activation key is now saved incase you need to re-activate.
  • FIXED: Category sort was not working in some cases
  • FIXED: Uninstaller did not remove tables in correct order
  • FIXED: changing sort order of categories didn't always work
  • NEW: Added digArticle List module to list articles for a specific category.  This is great for magazine style sites.
  • NEW: Added digArticle Display module to allow you to display an article on a separate page
  • NEW: Dashboards can now filter by category.
  • FIXED: module.css not being loaded to page on Dashboards
  • CHANGED: Banner positions now are index 1 based instead of 0.  Position 1 will display banner in the top slot in the Article List.
  • CHANGED: Category Tree styling
  • NEW: Added Main RSS Feed Dashboard item to easily add "Subscribe" link to your digArticle module
  • NEW: Added Max RSS Items to Dashboard which determines how many items are available in the RSS Feeds.  Blank means all items.
  • FIXED: Some css stylings in IE
  • FIXED: Theme detection with in Windows Live Writer ( fix was in digMeta 1.5.3 )
  • CHANGED: Thumbnails generated by Windows Live Writer will not be displayed in the image gallery.
  • NEW: Added new sort options to the main article list.  Most Commented, Least Commented, Highest Rating, Lowest Rating,  and Lowest Vote.  See listing.html in the Default template for samples
  • NEW: Added DNN Sort
  • FIXED: A problem with our build system wasn't including the Templates, causing errors that coudn't find "listing" template.
  • CHANGED: When going to the Add Article page, if user is not logged in, they will be redirected to the login page first.
  • FIXED: Edit icon was not appearing for your articles unless you were an administrator
  • NEW: Added resize image on upload
  • NEW: Added Submit Article/Moderate buttons to templates
  • CHANGED: [ IMPORTANT! ] Simplified security assignments.  You no longer have to specify the administrator role, or give authors and moderators edit rights to the module.  You simply give your administrators edit rights to the module, and assign author and moderator roles in the admin as before.
  • FIXED: Cleaned up database connections, closing them as early as possible
  • FIXED: [author] tag not available in article listing template
  • FIXED: summary removing punctuation
  • FIXED: Comment sort was not saving last selection
  • FIXED: "Wait for comment to be approved" message was not showing for moderated comments
  • FIXED: Scrolling when new unmoderated comment is posted
  • FIXED: Fixed errors with displaying category names
  • Initial Release