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Save Time With DigArticle's Article Flow Feature

Greg Brown
Created 13 years 228 days ago
by Greg Brown

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DigArticle's article flow feature allows a article to automagically "travel" from module to module throughout your site.

For instance, let's say you have an article slider on your home page and under that you have a latest headlines module. Then you might have category specific interior pages with news modules on them.

With article flow you could set up your news system so that a new article might appear in the news slider for two days and then move to the latest headlines module for another 4 days. Then the article would move to an interior page for an additional 5 days before ending up in the archives section.

This is very easy to setup.  You're going to use DigArticle's Dashboard module on each page. Then you would just use DigArticle's sliding range date filter in the Dashboard modules admin section as seen below:


As you can see DigArticle offers many ways to filter the display of news articles on your site.

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