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Created 15 years 109 days ago
by digmike

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The big announcement at OpenForce 08 is that DotNetNuke will come in two flavors, Professional Edition and Community Edition.  Currently it looks like Professional is simply Community Edition + Support from DotNetNuke Corp.  This is really no big surprise since Shaun Walker was hinting at such a move in Floss Weekly interview

One thing I found interesting was that the first release of DNN Professional will be based on the 4.9 core, not the 5.0 core.  I would have maybe waited for DNN 5.0 core to be released so that's less versions they would need to support.

I have emailed DNN Corp many times about different issues, and I never get a response.  So far, I'm 1 for 8 on emails that I have sent to corp.  If I am a business interested in buying DNN Professional, I would look the other way after the first or second email not responded to.  I imagine it's only going to get worse now that they will need to support more customers with the Professional Edition.  It's the chicken and the egg.  Need money to hire staff, need staff to make money.  My suggestion to DNN corp is to buy a good Ticket system with the money from the first DNN Professional sale. :)

System integrators will want those support dollars, not buy DotNetNuke Professional.  How does a system integrator show a client that DNN is a supported commercial product, but you don't want the client to buy the commercial product because that's less money for them?

In then end, lets just hope it means more DNN fish in the DNN fish bowl.