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DigArticle 7 Released!

Created 9 years 83 days ago
by digmike

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This is our biggest release yet!  The features just keep coming.  Many thanks to all our users who have sponsored many of these new features.


There is a new powerful Filter Dashboard.  This new dashboard allows you to make filter controls for your articles.  You can currently filter on the following types:

  • Category (including cascading)
  • Publish Date
  • Keyword
  • Terms
  • Page Size
  • Comment Count
  • Custom Fields

A few customer examples:


Advanced Url

If you are using DNN 7.1 or higher, you can use our new Advanced Url provider.  This will provide even more friendly article, category, tag and term urls.

It will change this:


into this:


New Tag selector control

The new tag selector control makes it easier for users to manage tags on an article.  It includes Auto Complete.


Override SEO Meta data

You can now have even greater SEO control over your articles by overriding title, description and keywords.


Disable Comments Per Post


Newly Designed Comments

We have redesigned the comment section.  It’s a new modern and clean look.


We also added support for Recaptcha 2


Email Subscription

We have made several enhancements to the email subscription feature.  First we have include a subscriber maintenance where you can subscribe, unsubscribe and delete users.  You can also easily add emails to the subscription.


We also added opt-in confirmation.  When a user subscribes, they will get an email confirming the email they uses is valid.


Other New Features

NEW Added Sort Featured First option to Article, Article List and Dashboard.

NEW Better support for All Day events in the iCal export.    

NEW User type custom field now has an option of what to display in the user selection.

NEW Auto version check.  Get notified in DigArticle of the latest releases.

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