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DigArticle 5.3 released

Created 11 years 140 days ago
by digmike

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We have added many new features to DigArticle 5.3 and included a few bug fixes.

More Edit Control

There is now control finer control over the editing content.  For most aspects of the article you can specify who can edit the article data.  You can specify Authors and Moderators, Moderators Only, or Nobody to disable that part.  You can do this for Summary, Body, Categories, Featured, Tags, Taxonomy Categories, Related Articles, Selected Related Articles, Media, External Media, Publish Dates


Batch Moderation

Moderation operations can now be done in batch.


Many more features including…

  • NEW Trusted Commenter and Author lets you specify DNN Roles for trusted commenter and authors which will skip moderation.
  • NEW Field Type Content where you can enter HTML information to be displayed
  • NEW Portal Level Templates allow each portal to have their own templates and styles. They can not edit the default ones and they can not see templates and styles from other portals
  • NEW Easily override the "title" label of the article
  • NEW Implemented Open Graph meta data in the article view
  • NEW Added option for DNN 6.2+ Profile Image for the Author and Commenter avatars.
  • NEW Simplified the View Article At and View Article List At dropdowns by sorting and removing duplicates
  • NEW Updated Video and Audio player to use Mediaelement.js HTML5 video player

We have also updated the User Guide to include all the latest features.


  • Michael
    Michael 11 years 63 days ago
    Great module!
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