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digArticle 5.1– Post to Facebook Pages and New Category Grid Dashboard

Created 11 years 209 days ago
by digmike

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New Category Grid dashboard.

The new Category Grid dashboard lets you display a grid of articles grouped by category.You can see a live example here. It also has expand/hide rows functionality.


More Publish Information

We added a Published Edit entry to the publish log so you can see who edited the article after it’s been published.  We also fixed a bug where Facebook, Twitter, and DNN Journal posting were getting duplicated if someone edited an already published article.  NOTE: Update your ArticleLog.html template file to include the new entry for published Edit, see the ArticleLog.html in the default template for an example.


Article Tree dashboard is depreciated, don’t fear, it’s just been moved!

The Article Tree dashboard would let you display articles by category.  The Categories dashboard now has an option to Include Articles.  And new for 5.1, the Archives dashboard now has the option to Include Articles.


Default Dashboard Templates

The single most support issue we have is when someone creates a dashboard and they say it doesn’t display anything.  This is because the user never clicked the Apply Default Template button to give the dashboard a template to display.  We have changed this so the default dashboard will always be selected.  And of course you can customize the template if you want.



There are a few other features and some fixes, check the revision history for updates.

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