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Release History

DigContest 3.2.0

Posted 6 years 86 days ago ago by digmike


  • UPDATE Works with DNN 9.2


  • NEW Submit Entry url will redirect to the login page if user is not logged in.


  • NEW Token [tgallery] which uses a templated version of the gallery. It uses Layouts\{layout}\EntryGallery.html.


  • NEW Option to disable emails to moderators.
  • NEW Updated Admin interface.
  • FIX DNN8 Compability issue.


  • FIX Sometimes entries wouldn't submit.


  • NEW Changed Image Uploader, it now support HTML5 uploads.
  • NEW Added After Vote Sort Order.
  • NEW Added ability to sort by entry Title.


  • FIX Contest Security would certain users from entering a contest even when they had access.
  • FIX Dashboard Admin would give an error about the License.


  • FIX Moderation was not working properly
  • FIX Image caching issue when users change the photos on an entry


  • NEW DNN 6.2 Journal integration (DNN 6.2 Build only)
  • NEW Utilize DNN 6 Client Resource Management for combing CSS and JavaScript files (DNN 6.2 Build Only)
  • NEW Facebook sharing when Submitting and Voting on entries.
  • NEW Admin interface redesigned to allow easier maintenance.
  • NEW Ability to extend the Entry Date into the Voting phase of the contest.


  • FIX Image was not being displayed if there was custom files fields before image fields.


  • FIX Votes were not being tabulated if the contest ended, and then the dates were changed so voting was open again.


  • NEW Added upload for file types other than image
  • FIX Hyperlink2 error in the admin


  • NEW Optimized vote totaling method to be less resource intensive
  • NEW Optimized logic to determine if user already voted for a contest entry.
  • FIXED Total vote count may not match the total votes if 2 people voted at the same time.
  • FIXED tag in the default incVote.html template had a typo.
  • FIXED Using the new voting method that keeps the user on the same page would not vote at times due to control ID's not being set properly
  • CHANGED Comment entry will now refresh the page after a comment is posted to prevent double comments


  • FIXED Comment approval would sometimes cause an error
  • FIXED Multiple images would not display correctly at times.  The first image would appear ontop of the content.


  • FIXED All contests were pointing to the featured contest.


  • NEW Added templates for the Active Social Postings


  • NEW Active Social Integration.  Post Journal Entries for Entering a Contest, Commenting on an Entry, Voting on a contest, and Winning a contest!
  • NEW Added new voterid mode of User and Email. So if 2 dnn users with the same email try to vote on a contest they will be stopped (depending on vote mode).
  • NEW Template Editor
  • NEW Featured Contest tab allows you to feature a contest and put it in it's own tab.  Or if you want to focus on 1 contest, you can set your featured contest and remove the tabs in tabs.html
  • NEW No redirect voting option allows user to vote without being redirected to the thank you message.  See incVote.html template for some changes.
  • NEW 15 day trial
  • FIXED Issue where dashboard on different pages would not work
  • FIXED License upload issue.
  • FIXED When no photos are used for entry, some photo upload code was still displaying
  • FIXED Deleting first image when submitting contenest entry was not working.
  • FIXED If you switched from IP to user voting, and you a user would display "My Votes", they would see all IP votes
  • FIXED Banner display was not calculating positions correctly if there were less items than the page allowed


  • FIXED: Delete image on Entry Edit was not working


  • FIXED: Problem where users couldn't submit entries


  • Multiple photos per contest